The gardens as I left them

One of the main reasons I wanted to buy a house was to have a garden (other reasons were to have a bunny and bees). I planted my gardens, I’ve enjoyed the process, I’ve loved my gardens, and now I’m leaving my gardens. I hope when we return to the states that I have the energy to do it again.

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Would you like a sweet candy carrot?

We dug overwintered carrots on a mild evening while grilling venison out on the back patio. The winter was so warm that the carrots lived through, tucked away in the soil, without even a protective mulch. Voles didn’t find them either. What a spring treat!

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Brussels Sprouts with blanket of snow

Brrr! These guys don't mind though

We woke up to an inch of fresh wet snow this morning–the hills around had 3 inches. It was wet ‘warm’ snow though, and these brussels sprouts don’t mind it. I love cold hardy plants!

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Milo surveys the onions

Milo surveys the onions, and reminds me that they need fertilizer

We’re growing onion transplants galore this year. Milo seems to think they’re his for plucking, but I’m trying to teach him otherwise. We have yellow storage onions, big sweet onions, beautiful red onions, leeks, shallots and scallions.

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Merk Forest in March

You can tell they're all related, huh? Kyle is our friend on the left

Milo likes the door of our cabin at Merk Forest

We spent the last weekend in March at Merk Forest in Vermont with Missy, Moriah, Isaiah and Kyle. Maple syrup season ended early this year because of the crazy warm spring, so they weren’t boiling sap when we were there. The tree tubes were still strung all over the hillsides though, like IV lines to hospital patients. Our weekend had more seasonal weather, with a little overnight snow and clouds. We were glad for the cabin’s cozy wood stove!

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Harvesting carrots, blanket for beets

We picked up these leaves and put a nice deep blanket on the garlic for the winter.

A wagon ride is always fun!

We harvested the rest of our carrots and beets, sweetened by the frosts, and are storing them in the garage where we can get at them even after the snow flies.

The cheeky garlic were poking their green noses up through the soil. Too early little ones, best to stay under the soil for the cold winter! So Milo and I covered them with a nice thick blanket of maple leaves.

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Riding on Mommy

This is how I get work done!

There’s not much I can’t do with Milo on my back! This is how women all over the world function with their babies, and Milo loves it. He’s happiest riding with me doing whatever I’m doing, whether it’s making dinner, cleaning the house, or working in the garden.

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